Why SEO?
Business owners usually believe that launching a new website will immediately result in higher revenues. The reality, however, is tougher - most websites have no positive effect on sales, due to three main causes:
  1. Poor Traffic Volume - With a global average conversion rate of 4% (*), online businesses need to get at least 25 unique and targeted visitors in order to generate 1 sale, but no business owner is building a website in order to generate 1 sale. If you want to generate substantial revenues from your online business, you will need to deliver thousands of visitors to your website.
  2. Poor Traffic Quality - Getting traffic is not enough. Traffic must be targeted. Most online businesses that do get visitors, can't convert them into buyers, because they are not targeted enough. The visitors that you do get must show prior interest in what you have to offer, or else, you won't be able to convert them into buyers.
  3. Poor Usability - Getting high volume of targeted visitors is not easy, but even for online businesses that are wise (or lucky) enough to get such visitors, are missing allot of potential sales because their website is simply not designed well.
HyperImpact's unique approach will deal with the above causes that can either make or break your online business, resulting in a successful and revenue generating website:
  1. Increasing Traffic Volume - Your website will generate such traffic that will have a significant effect on sales.
  2. Increasing Traffic Quality - Your website visitors will be targeted with a prior and proven interest in what you have to sell, which will make it easy for you to convert them into buyers.
  3. Maximizing Usability - We will help you to redesign your website's landing pages and purchasing process to a flow that will guide your visitors to complete the purchase.

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(*) Fireclick index (http://index.fireclick.com)

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